Auto Door Lock Suits Nissan NP300

Code: P42

Auto locking of all doors via a plug and play OBD preventing unauthorised access form outside the vehicle.

Not suitable for the series 5 2021 models



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In stock




Drive over 15km/h to automatically lock all doors, engine off to unlock

A/T and M/T has this function

Flashing indicators when opening the door (user selectable A/T)

When any door is opened, indicators will flash to warn other drivers.

Auto unlocking and indicators flashing when under heavy braking (user selectable A/T)

Emergency braking within 1.8 seconds when driving speed is greater than 40 km/h, all doors will be automatically be unlocked, allowing passengers to exit, indicators will flash.

Circular locking

If exiting during trip, once selecting “N” all doors will automatically be unlocked, convenient for passengers to exit, then selecting “D” all doors will automatically be re locked.

Flashing when reversing (user selectable A/T)

When selecting “R” indicators will flash for improve visibility to other drivers.


User selectable option is only applicable to vehicles with auto transmissions (selection is made via A/T and then can be placed in manual for selected functions)

Make Model Year
Nissan D23 2014 - 2020


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