Auto Window & Mirror Module Suits 4th Gen Suzuki Jimny (5dr)

Code: PJNY5

Suits five door models only

Two great functions incorporated in the same module that is fully 100% direct plug & play no splicing into the vehicles electrical system required.

Once the vehicle is locked the side mirrors will fold in and fold back out, when the vehicle is unlocked (models with factory fitted electric folding mirrors).

Always forgetting to close all the windows after opening the door or eliminate the possibility that your passengers have left a window down without your knowledge leaving your vehicles contents vulnerable.

This module allows for both windows to be automatically closed* every time the vehicle is locked, while still allowing for remote operation using your original key fob to open or close the windows.

Transforms the existing front and middle console switches to one touch auto open and close.




Only 2 left in stock

Only 2 left in stock


Module Function: 

Lock doors both mirrors fold in, unlock doors both mirrors fold out, the mirror fold switch operates normally when the ignition is on and overrides auto fold mirror functions (applicable to models with factory fitted electric folding mirrors).

Windows will be automatically closed if left open after the ignition has been turned off and the doors locked, in addition windows can be controlled remotely by the key fob to open and close or pause window operation.

The harness is fully 100% direct plug & play connecting to all applicable factory connectors, so no splicing or connecting to any individual wires is required.

*NOTE:  The lock switch on the centre console can still be used to lock the rear windows from opening/closing, prohibiting the rear occupants from being able to operate the window switches.

When in the locked position the rear windows are both isolated from all  functions, only the front windows will automatically close/open using the key fob. This feature can be used to set the rear windows slightly open and have them remain in this set position with full remote function of the two front windows.

For full remote control of all windows the lock switch on the centre console is required to be in the off position.

System includes:

  • Module – Auto windows & Auto mirrors (in the single module)
  • Wiring harness with full 100% direct plug & play connectors (no splicing into the vehicles central locking wires required)
  • Adhesive pad (hook & loop) to attach module to inside of door trim
  • Full comprehensive installation instructions are provided via downloadable link that is included on the packaging, simply scan QR code with mobile phone or tablet.

Tools required:

  • Small screwdriver
  • Trim tool.

Operating features: 

  1. Auto window up:

  After ignition is off and all doors are closed, press lock on the key remote, the front two and back two windows will close in succession, if left down after ignition is turned off.

  1. Using the key remote to lower all windows vehicle remains unlocked:

    When engine is off, press unlock-lock-unlock the front two then the back two windows will lower. To lock doors after this function, press lock on the key remote, to lock and close all windows press lock again at any interval.

  1. Pausing window opening / closing:

    Press lock or unlock on the key remote during auto window operation, all windows will pause.

  1. When ignition is on all windows become one touch auto up/down function from the driver’s window switch panel by depressing each individual switch for half a second.
  1. All windows will retract down slightly:

    After ignition is off, press lock-unlock-lock on the key remote, all windows will lower a small amount for ventilation.

  1. Lock vehicle without closing windows:

    After ignition is off and the door is closed, press unlock-unlock-lock, only locks the vehicle without lifting the windows.

  1. Auto folding the side mirrors when locking the car (models with factory fitted electric folding mirrors):

    After ignition is off, press lock on the key remote, both side mirrors will automatically fold in.

  1. Auto unfolding the side mirrors when unlocking the vehicle:

     When vehicle is already locked, press unlock on the key remote, both side rear view mirrors will automatically fold out.


Additional information

Weight 0.565 kg
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 5 cm
Make Model Year
Suzuki Jimny XL 2023 - 2024


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