Auto Window & Mirror Switch Module Suits Nissan Navara D23 NP300

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Two great functions incorporated into this full replacement master window switch module.

Always forgetting to close all the windows after you have removed the keys from the ignition or eliminate the possibility that your passenger’s have left the rear windows down without your knowledge leaving your vehicles contents vulnerable.

NOTE: This model is only suitable for Australian and New Zealand NP300 models as other countries use a different connection for the door lock actuator so a plug and play patch harness is not available.


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In stock


This full replacement master window switch module allows for all windows to be automatically closed every time the vehicle is locked using the key remote or button on the front doors, while still allowing for remote operation using your original key remote to open or close the windows.

  • 100% direct plug & play no splicing into the vehicles central locking wires required
  • All switches incorporate LED back lighting
  • Full one touch open / close on all windows (from the master switch)
  • Separate override switch disables the auto fold mirror function when locking or unlocking the vehicle
  • Compatible with vehicle’s that do not have factory electric folding mirrors (mirror functions are inoperable).

Module Function: 

Lock doors using key remote or button on the front doors, both mirrors fold in unlock doors using key remote both mirrors fold out.

Button next to the mirror directional switch operates normally when ignition is on.

Windows will be automatically closed if left open after the ignition has been turned off and the doors locked using the factory key remote or button on the front doors. In addition windows can be controlled remotely by the key remote to open and close or pause during operation.

NOTE: The lock switch on the driver’s window can still be used to lock the rear and front passengers window switches from opening/closing, all windows still have full control from the drivers window switch and remote operation.

The harness is fully 100% direct plug & play connecting to the factory central locking and mirror connectors, so no splicing or connecting to any individual wires is required.

System includes:

• P92A Replacement master window switch module – Auto windows & auto mirrors (incorporated within new switch assembly)
• Wiring harness with full 100% direct plug & play connectors (no splicing into the vehicles central locking wires required)
• Cables ties for securing the cables
• Trim removal tool

Full comprehensive installation instructions are provided via downloadable link that is included on the packaging, simply scan QR code with mobile phone or tablet.

Operating features:

1: Manual close windows

The four window switches have dual position rocker switches two up and two down, first position up or down are for manual window operation (window operation stops when rocker switch has been released).

2: One touch full auto close windows

The four window switches have dual position rocker switches two up and two down, second position up or down are for full auto window operation (full window operation does not require the rocker switch to be held down).

3: LED night light function

The window switch is equipped with LED back lighting on all switches.

4: Mirror lock switch

With ignition on press and hold the mirror lock button, when illuminated this disables the auto fold mirror function when locking the vehicle, suitable when towing mirrors have been fitted.

5: Window lock switch

When the lock switch on the master window switch is pressed on (red indicator light is on), the switches on the other three doors cannot control window operation, which effectively prevents occupants from opening the windows. When the switch is off (red indicator light is off) the switches of the other three doors can be controlled by the occupants.

Full auto window control via the key remote or button on the door handles is still fully functional when the lock switch has been turned on.

6: Auto Close windows (supports door handle buttons)

Once ignition is off and all doors are closed, press the lock key on the remote, and all the windows left open will close automatically.

7: Four-window gap (seam)

15 seconds after locking the car and all windows have been closed, press “lock – un lock – lock” all four windows will lower a small amount.

8: Automatic folding of mirrors

Once ignition is off and all doors are closed when locking the vehicle via the remote or buttons on the door handles the mirrors will fold in automatically (only supports factory electric folding mirrors).

9: Automatic unfolding of mirrors (on unlocking or once ignition is turned on, user selectable at anytime)

Press unlock on the remote control or the buttons on the door handle, the side mirrors will automatically fold out. This can be changed to mirrors fold back out once ignition has been turned on.

To change to this setting, with ignition off press the unlock button on the window switch assembly four times: unlock – unlock – unlock – unlock then wait five seconds then press the unlock button an additional four times unlock – unlock – unlock – unlock.

To reset to mirrors, fold out upon unlocking repeat same process.

10: Remote control window operation

Pressing the remote “unlock – lock – unlock” both rear windows will be fully opened followed by both front windows. Pressing “lock – lock” will reclose all windows.

11: Secondary window lift
After windows have been opened, pressing “lock – lock” to close all the windows.

Auto relock

If the remote or button on either front door is depressed to unlock the vehicle and the doors are not opened within approximately 30 seconds the vehicles BCM will automatically relock all doors and the mirrors will fold in, this is an existing function of the vehicles BCM.

Programming Driver’s side window one touch function 

First lift the window so it is fully closed, then press and hold the switch down until window is  fully open and hold switch down for an additional five seconds, after five seconds, lift the switch up completely to fully close the window and hold in this position, the window will drop automatically when the learning process is successfully. (This process is required after installation and whenever the battery is disconnected from the vehicle).

Suitable For:

Nissan Navara D23 NP300 Dual Cabs models from 2014 onward that have the factory fitted electric folding mirrors.


Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 6 cm
Make Model Year
Nissan D23 2014 - 2022

2 reviews for Auto Window & Mirror Switch Module Suits Nissan Navara D23 NP300

  1. Noel Hunter

    Looked long and hard for an auto mirror accessory for my Navara, finally settled on P92A from Trac Electronics.
    Excellent product, easy to follow installation instructions, Trac Electronics were more than helpful with information and follow up. They come highly recommended from me, happily deal with them again

  2. Adam (verified owner)

    Great bit of gear with a straight plug and play design very simple to install with detailed instructions defiantly worth the money . Very satisfied customer

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