Auto Close Windows Suits Ford Everest

Code: P40

Eliminate the possibility that your family or friends have left the windows down without your knowledge, leaving your vehicles contents vulnerable.

This plug and play module enables all windows to be automatically closed every time the vehicle is locked, using the original factory remote key fob and only takes seconds to install!



In stock

In stock


Module Function: 

Windows will be automatically closed if left open after the ignition has been turned off, doors have been closed and locked using the factory key fob remote.

NOTE:  The lock switch on the driver’s window can still be used to lock the rear windows from opening or closing from the rear window switches. However regardless if the lock switch on the drivers side window switch is on, ALL windows will be closed once the vehicle is locked.

Simply connection to the vehicles OBD there is no additional wiring required, plug in and you have auto close on all windows when locking your Everest.

Vehicle compatibility: 
  • Ford Everest 2015 – 2017 models
  • Not compatible with models that have global open/close windows

System includes:

  • P40 Module – Auto close windows

Simply DIY installation just plug into the black OBD port that is directly behind the white OBD port located lower right hand side of the steering wheel, just under the fuse box.

Operating feature:

Auto windows up:

 After ignition is off and you have exited the vehicle and all doors are closed, press lock once on the key remote and all four windows will close simultaneously.

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 4 cm
Make Model Year
Ford Everest 2015 - 2017


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