Auto Folding Mirror Module suits Mazda BT50 (Pre MY21)

Code: P61
Auto Folding P61 Mirror Module suitable for the Mazda BT50 (second generation) 2011 – 2020 (Ford Ranger platform)
Module function: Mirrors will fold automatically in when the vehicle is locked using the remote key fob, allowing full use of the mirrors to safely exit the vehicle on busy roads.
Unlock doors using key remote both mirrors fold back out.
Having the ability to fold the vehicles mirrors when locked will greatly reduce the risk of them be damaged by passing cars, cyclist and pedestrians.
The existing mirror fold button retains full function and can override the operation of the P61 module. 


In stock

In stock


  • Full comprehensive instructions provided (via downloadable link) 
  • Plug & play harness connects directly to all the factory connectors for true 100% plug & play 
  • No cutting or splicing into any of the existing factory wiring 
  • Fully reversible, ideal for vehicles that are leased 
  • Dedicated harness connects to the module by a single connector 
  • Compact design. 
NOTE: Only compatible with models that have electric close/open mirrors with the round fold button above the mirror adjustment switch. 
System includes: 
  • P61 Mirror Module 
  • Harness with direct 100% plug & play connectors 
  • Hook & Loop adhesive pad to attach module to inside of dash.

Additional information

Weight 0.280 kg
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 4 cm
Make Model Year
Mazda BT50 2011 - 2019


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