Auto Folding Mirror Module suits Toyota Rav4 2019 onward

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Auto Folding P81 Mirror Module suitable for the Toyota Rav4 2019 – onward models
NOTE: GX Models require a different harness, so ensure you add your vehicles model and badge during the checkout process.
Module function: Mirrors will fold automatically in when the vehicle is locked using the remote key fob or touch panel on the door handle, allowing full use of the mirrors to safely exit the vehicle on busy roads.
Unlock doors using key remote or touch panel on the door handle both mirrors will fold back out.
The module can be configured during the installation to unfold the mirrors when the vehicle is unlocked (default) or when the ignition is turned on (user selectable upon installation).
Having the ability to fold the vehicles mirrors when locked will greatly reduce the risk of them be damaged by passing cars, cyclist and pedestrians.
The existing mirror fold button retains full function and overrides the operation of the P81 module when the vehicles ignition is on.


In stock

In stock


  • Full comprehensive instructions provided (via downloadable link) 
  • Plug & play harness connects directly to all the factory connectors for true 100% plug & play 
  • No cutting or splicing into any of the existing factory wiring 
  • Fully reversible, ideal for vehicles that are leased 
  • Dedicated harness connects to the module by a single connector 
  • All components supplied for the installation 
  • Trim removal tool included 
  • Compact design. 
NOTE: Only compatible with models that have factory electric folding mirrors. 
System includes: 
  • P81 Mirror Module 
  • Harness with direct 100% plug & play connectors 
  • Hook & Loop adhesive pad to attach module to door 
  • Cables ties for securing the cables 
  • Trim removal tool


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Toyota Rav4 Cruiser 2019 - 2020
Toyota Rav4 Edge 2019 - 2020
Toyota Rav4 GX 2019 - 2022
Toyota Rav4 GXL 2019 - 2022
Toyota Rav4 XSE 2022

14 reviews for Auto Folding Mirror Module suits Toyota Rav4 2019 onward

  1. Mike C (verified owner)

    easy fit. works as described. very happy user.

  2. Bryce (verified owner)

    Works a treat, very very happy. Why on earth Toyota didn’t have this feature as an option I can not imagine. Apparently it’s coming on the 2021 model. Installation of this Trac unit was relatively easy, instructions were very clear. I never do things like this so anybody else would probably do it quicker than me, took about 90 minutes. When clipping door panel back on I didn’t realise the attachment clips needed to be positioned in the panel, as opposed to the car door. Had to redo this section.

  3. David W (verified owner)

    Brilliant, got the product quickly, installed in under 45 mins by following the YouTube Link in the instructions. Tested and extremely happy.

  4. Sean (verified owner)

    Brilliant device. Took 25 minutes to fit and works perfectly. I’m always sceptical with items that claim to be plug and play but this unit 100% is. I would love Trac to tackle the foot sensor for the electric tailgate. I would buy it in an instant.

  5. Gympiestinger (verified owner)

    I totally agree with Mike,Bryce,David & Sean’s comments , this unit should have been standard to Toyota but alas.
    ” Trac ” has done a suppurb job with this module and fully
    ” PLUG & PLAY ” 25 min start to finish and a novice at that.

  6. MattH (verified owner)

    Installed easily on my 2021 GXL Hybrid AWD (NZ). Found a great YouTube video on how to remove the white panel clips from the door using string without breaking them:

  7. Alex Leaver (verified owner)

    Great product easy to install just watch the video. Be careful you don’t pull the clips off the door panel and leave them in the door itself then you need to pry them off and put them back on the panel to reinstall. All in all a great product, fixed a problem that was annoying me and that Toyota should have fitted to start with.

  8. Andrew Russell (verified owner)

    Installed myself in under an hour Feb 2020. Easy to follow instructions provided, works very well. I can now physically tell my Rav is locked as the mirrors now fold in.

  9. Steven K (verified owner)

    Ordered the folding mirror module about a month ago and only got around to the install this afternoon.

    The product is fantastic and feels like it is OEM. Instructions are some of the clearest and easiest to follow I have ever seen. Took about 35 minutes to install, and works a treat!

    Thank you TRAC Electronics, amazing product 🙂

  10. william edgar (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, clear instructions, set mine up to fold out when ignition is turned on. Very easy install, as others have mentioned make sure the door cover clips stay with the cover, if they don’t lever them out and refit to cover.

  11. Phil Millhouse (verified owner)

    I can only reiterate other comments, clear and precise instructions, works faultlessly and is one of the first online purchases where every thing just fits right. Thanks Trac

  12. Angus B (verified owner)

    Ordered on a Saturday and it arrived in Mt Gambier by Thursday. As someone who is not much of a handyman, this device was simple to install with easy to follow instructions, the hardest part for someone who isn’t very strong was removing the door card. Great product, works as it should.

  13. Christopher Z (verified owner)

    Same experience as others. Easy to follow instructions and works perfectly. Thanks MattH for the YouTube link. Recovered the white clips using string.

  14. Navraj Gaire (verified owner)

    Item as described.
    Easy to install, plug & play.
    Finished in about 40 minutes for me.

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