Camera Integration System Mitsubishi

Code: AT-2M

The integration system will allow for an Aux or factory camera to be displayed on the factory head unit in any gear for all models, without the 360 camera option.

Models with the 360 camera option will only show the Aux or factory camera when in reverse when fitting the integration system.


: Challenger 2013-2015 PC
: Triton 2016-2018 MQ
: Pajero Sport 2015-2019 QE
: Triton 2019-2023 MR (not suitable with the 360 Camera option)


In addition to the factory reverse camera a second auxiliary video input is available so either of the cameras can be displayed on the factory head unit in any gear, (excluding models with 360 camera option) giving you the ability to monitor the tow hitch from the factory reverse camera or a auxiliary camera located on the back of your caravan or even the front of your vehicle, with a simple press of the switch.



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Anytime Reverse – Dual Inputs

Our system allows for simple Plug & Play integration to the existing factory head unit without the need to damage the existing wiring, NO cutting of any factory wiring is required. The included wiring harness is fully terminated so no additional wiring is required (excluding your auxiliary camera being fitted) simply plug the patch connectors into the factory head unit and supplied dash switch.

A factory styled dual input switch is provided that fits into an existing switch locations to view the factory reverse camera on the head unit press the top switch, to change between the two video inputs (second auxiliary camera) press the bottom switch.

When the top switch is in the off position the selected camera will only be displayed on the factory head unit, once the reverse gear has been selected this can be either camera (user selectable via the bottom switch).

12 volt switched power is provided and a female RCA connector for the input video signal for connection of your auxiliary camera as standard, there is an option to purchase a M12 4 pin connector that incorporates power and video. When selected from this product page the additional cost also includes fitment to the supplied wiring harness so no additional wiring is required, simply screw on your M12 extension cable.


  • Our system is fully Plug & Play zero modification to the factory wiring is required – no cutting wires required during installation, simply fit our patch harness between the existing factory connectors
  • Factory styled dual switch is provided for seamless integration to your dash
  • Navigation, radio, Bluetooth, Android Auto & Apple Car Play audio is uninterrupted when the switches are in the on position
  • Video inputs & output are standard RCA connections (M12 (GX12) four pin male adaptor for auxiliary camera input option available 200mm in length)
  • NOTE: The factory head unit can use standard definition NTSC or PAL TV system so you will need to confirm before adding the AUX camera
  • The factory head unit is required to be removed before installation
  • Tools required – Trim tools and a Phillips PH1 screwdriver
  • For 12 volt camera systems, if auxiliary camera exceeds 2 amps a relay must be used
  • Installation instructions are included via the QR code on the front of the packaging.

There are two options to select from dependant on requirements and existing hardware you have, the first option is suitable for caravan installations the last three options are for forwarded mounted cameras or undertray mounting on the back of the vehicle.

  • AT2-4PINM (M12 4 pin connector) This option is if you have an existing caravan system using the common M12 four pin connector, allowing for direct connection to our camera integration system
  • AT2M (RCA connector) This option is if you have an existing camera that uses an RCA connector, allowing for direct connection to our camera integration system

For full product and specifications information on theses cameras refer here

For a heavy duty compact reverse facing camera using the M12 4 pin connector refer here

For additional cabling, trim tools and accessory options refer here

Our anytime reverse and auxiliary camera system allows you to view your selected camera at any time with a simple push of the included factory styled switch on the factory head unit.

Our harnesses will plug directly into the back of your factory head unit with NO cutting or modification to the existing factory wires required!

Once the patch harnesses are connected, simply connect the harness to the included factory style switch.


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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions N/A
Make Model Year
Mitsubishi Challenger PC 2013 - 2015
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport QE 2015 - 2020
Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015 - 2018
Mitsubishi Triton MR 2018 - 2023


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